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Category: Fee

Storage fees are charged on item(s)  not collected within 14 days from the notification of arrival at your pickup location. The storage fee will be $100 per day per item thereafter.

Category: Fee


Shipments arrive in Jamaica once  weekly basis on Tuesdays. However, packages are received daily at our Miami Warehouse

Category: Package

Custom duties are applied to items with the invoice amount greater than US$50.00 or if the items are under $50 but deemed to be of a commercial nature, customs duties are applied at the point of inspection at our ports by Jamaica Customs. The decision to levy custom duties and taxes is at the discretion of the Customs Officer.

Category: Package

Please to send your invoice(s) to after you have completed order(s) made using your credit card. Failure to submit your invoice will result in delays in the clearance of your order(s).

Category: Package

The Jamaica Customs Agency requires your TRN when cargo is being cleared by an agent.

Category: Package

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